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Conversations in Color

Shari MacFarlane exhibits her work at the Vienna Arts Society gallery.

By Meghan Williams
The Vienna Connection
December 12-18, 2007

Shari MacFarlaneIf creativity is another language, as Shari MacFarlane says, then she has spent the last three years in an immersion program. After 15 years of selling wearable art - hand-painted clothing - in boutiques around Northern Virginia under the name Creek Crossing Crafts and time off from art to raise children, she picked up the brush again in the midst of a divorce three years ago. Her paintings, which resonate with themes of transformation and journeys, especially those of women, vary widely in style and subject. A handful of her more colorful works are included in the newest Vienna Arts Society exhibit, on view through Jan. 19.

Painting began as therapy for MacFarlane, and while she hasn't had technical training, she takes every opportunity to help others find a path to self-expression. "I believe everybody's creative," she said. "I know how to facilitate getting people to that place where they can express themselves." She teaches in her in-home studio and at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax in addition to occasional workshops.


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